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Jabe Bloom

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Jabe specializes in helping groups embrace and leverage uncertainty, ambiguity and optionality. The rewards of allowing teams and individuals to discover and leverage their innate creative potential are worth the risks and challenges involved in holding open a space for innovation and creativity.

Jabe’s deep practical experience, constant exploration via action research, and extensive theoretical investigations inform his public speaking and provide a foundation for his active engagement with colleagues, executives and entrepreneurs. He helps clients to clarify vague understandings of the problems they’ve noticed with their processes and products, learn to perceive and understand the causes of those problems for themselves, and make plans to act in order to create more effective environments and systems for collaborative work. He help clients find a mindful way of working that enables their teams to continuously adapt their processes and products in an ever shifting business environment.

He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Design Studies at Carnegie Mellon University focusing on Transition Design. He is a go-to source for insights into improving organizational tempo, resilience and performance by transforming dynamics within the co-evolving interdependencies of management, design, development and operational practices.

Jabe Bloom

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